This day….This day…

This day began as any other did…
a lil aerobic ballroom workout with ave
feeling pretty good about myself until i realize no one is responding to my texts…
So i get all cute and head to the mall to see what the dealio is with my phone…

to my utter horror i learn that my phone was not working and could not recieve texts..
once fixed i began to receive tons of messages from the past two days.

i then learned that i had missed important rehearsals for an upcoming show because i didnt get the text…strike #1

Strike #2 arrived when i showed up at the Studio and realized i didnt need to be there. i was just wasted space:)

Then strike #3 really made me laugh.. i was walking back through the mall after a little bargain i found on some leggins when the annoying man at the nail kiosk stops me and tells me im beautiful..one thing led to another and i ended up leaving with a purchase i will NEVER USE!!! (at least he gave it to me “on sale”)..or so i think…

thats it folks…rough day in the life of freckles


  • a girl in the City
    January 31, 2010 at 7:50 am

    UGH those stupid mall kiosks UGHHHH cant tell you how many times i get sucked in to them. WHY is it so darn hard to say no to them?? annoying…from now on i wont even look at them while passing haha!

  • Jessie Ann
    February 1, 2010 at 5:02 am

    me too! they always suck me in and i cant even handle the puppy dog face they give me! i think its illegal if you ask me!


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