life lessons

Today i learned a little but about life…
I hope you don’t mind if i share a little bit..
Life comes and goes, daily tasks become routine, and people pass us by…
Do the things that make us smile pass by without even a second look?
I learned happiness comes from those simple small things that make my life my own.. happiness does not come from others or what the world would have me to believe.
Yes this sounds very preachy and all but that the last few days have caused me to pause and really ponder what makes me smile. I need to accept life and the changes that are happening. Im the most happy when i am in control of life. I know life hasn’t even truly began but i find myself really looking forward to it..
Im excited to see what adventures are ahead

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  • McKell Murdoch
    January 27, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Girl! I love you and I needed to hear that.. I feel the same way. thanks for the reminder. I love you


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