Just read this..Please put this family in your prayers

Two months ago, Bishop Mardy learned that his youngest of 6 children, Gardy, only two years old, was kidnapped by a member of his congregation. Bishop Mardy owns and manages two orphanages in Haiti and so was assumed to have “lots of money”. Shortly after the kidnapping a ransom was requested for the return of his son for $4,000. The ransom money was somehow collected (I can’t even possibly imagine how as the Mardy family does not have resources of this kind) and the “drop and trade” was scheduled to take place the night of January 11th. Gardy at this point had been gone from his family for several weeks. For unknown reasons the drop did NOT happen. Then, as we all know, the following day, the 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook and devastated the entire country.

In the aftermath of the quake, and while dealing with the news that his 2 year old son was not recovered, Bishop Mardy was notified that 3 of his extended family members were killed in the quake and his wife, while still alive, had her legs crushed. Bishop Mardy also lost, in entirety, one of his two orphanages.

He then received the news that his kidnapped son, Gardy, was taken from the kidnappers by an entirely different group of kidnappers who are now demanding 1 Million Dollars for his return. Obviously coming up with such an exorbitant amount of money is impossible.

There is more to the story but because of the safety of Bishop Mardy, his 2 year old son, Gardy and those who have dropped all to come to his aid, it has been asked of me that it not be published yet.

What has been asked however is for you to copy and paste this story to your FaceBook Profile, MySpace Account, Website, Blog, or any other type of networking commodity you have available to you. For those of you who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this Sunday, February 7th is Fast Sunday. Please share this story with all you know and are associated with and ask for their participation in a fast for Bishop Mardy, his 2 year old son, and their family. Their names have been submitted to the Temple, but with the fasting, prayers and FAITH of as many people as we can reach, we can make a difference in helping Gardy return home to his family. He’s been gone for 8 weeks now. He’ll be 3 years old this month and I know he’ll like nothing more than to share his birthday happily reunited with his family.

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