Successful run of my first season of Odyssey Dance Theatre

I cant believe that my first season of Odyssey Dance Theatre is almost through. Ill i have left is our tour in Europe! I cant wait to spend a month in another country doing wait i LOVE:)
Here is a little overview of how the season went….
It all begin with some with the Utah tradition of THRILLER…From being a zombie, a mummy, a witch, and ending strong as a river dancer, it was a crazy experience. I was a member of the touring cast and I got the opportunity to perform at Tuachaun in St George! That stage was INCREDIBLE! Some nights were a litte too cold but the red canyon backdrop couldn’t have been more stunning! We had some crazy nights of Truth or Dare, poke-a-nose,
and late night In and Out runs. Overall…Thriller was a show to remember.
Then we switched gears and headed into Its A Wonderful Life. We followed the story line of the Christmas Classic that everyone loves. As comes with being a new member, I was a rosie riveter during the show which required a lot of set moving…That was hard because i really wanted to be dancing more, put i had to pay my dues and next year will be different! It was a treat to “fall” into the high school dance pool with George Bailey!
The show was a perfect Christmas success!
Then the craziness began! We stared rehearsals for S
hut Up and Dance! I had 3 new shows to learn and i thought my brain was going to explode! We stared learning Transitional Illuminations-choreo by Mia Micheals. That was an amazing experience in itself. That dance is brilliance and i was blessed to perform it. Someone how i pulled off being a Willis in a full length contemporary ballet called Giselle, got the opportunity to be apart of Mia’s Choreo as well as Justin Giles new piece, and was a Thug as a part of the MonteKrew in Romeo and Juliet!
Romeo and Juliet was a brand new show for everyone and the success was fantastic! I throughly enjoyed being a gangsta the whole show! i even had some pretty sick corn rows haha!
The cast was amazing and we seriously KILLED IT! i cant wait to take this show to Europe and show the Europeans what we do best!


  • Jen and Lance
    March 31, 2010 at 5:43 am

    Jessie! I love the rough draft of the whole year. So great! You forgot to mention your car pool buddy. Kidding. But anyways, i read your comment that you wanted that picture on my blog. You have a mac right? If you do, you can just click on it and drag it to your desk top and then you have it…forever! If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you. And, thanks for recipes!! you are the greatest! Love ya. Enjoy the break.

  • JMay
    April 2, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    omg, this is so cool & looks like a blast 🙂


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