Utah…Vegas…and now…NYC!!

Today was my first day in New York City!
I woke up in my Jersey apartment to a light snow and a beautiful view of the city…
Attempted some “do at home” yoga…not as successful as I had hoped.
Bundled in layers, a scarf, hat, and boots and made my way to the Path Transit Train.
Kenzie, Jamyz, Karl, Rich, Kelene, and I blindly walked onto the wrong train but after figuring our first train experience out, we walked out of the humid, underground station to the cold streets of New York City just blocks away from Time Square!

This was our first view of the walk we would be making everyday for the next month!
I was all smiles as I registered the fun sites around me and made mental notes of every place I wanted to see and eat! Before you know it, I’ll be a polished NYC local:) Although the walk was cold, it went by very fast and I found my self lagging behind the group due to the amount of picture taking that was going on.

and then…BAM! ON BROADWAY! I was slightly freaking out and couldn’t stop giggling…
This is one of those moments that I need to cherish forever. Take in this whole experience and enjoy every second. As a young girl I always dreamed and even prayed to be on Broadway. Someone pinch me! I can’t believe the crazy turn that life has taken. Blessed…All I can say is blessed. Grateful for this exciting experience and grateful for a family that sacrificed so much to help me get here! I’m giddy, excited, and nervous for them to see the show and experience the city with me. Hopefully I can do them proud!
~Jessie Ann

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  • Lexie
    December 12, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    I love the picture of the door opening. I am sure you are loving every minute of it, I only wish I could join your family to see you perform, I know you will be amazing. I'm so proud of you and I love you!


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