Cake, Smores, Chi Chocolate…I’m A Local!

This has to be the cheesiest picture I have but I couldn’t resist getting one for posterity. As you can see it is FREEZING here and I leave the apartment everyday in layers and layers of clothing! This picture was the day of our opening! it was the most amazing feeling onstage…I had chills the entire night and the entire cast was giddy the whole show!

I stole a wish from Donny’s Opening night B day cake! shh…!
at our opening night after party! This is just a few of the cast members but they are the best! I’m the baby of the family so I’m always on my toes and trying to keep up! So much talent on stage and a fun little family off stage:)

John Boy took me to a sushi restaurant (which was divine) and they had smores for dessert! Who would’ve paired the two together! I was in asia and then i was in the Mountains roasting a smore! woah… I will be honest though. The smores weren’t as good as the ones I used to roast up american fork canyon…

I really feel so cool running around the city with John Boy! He’s showed me some of the greatest local spots! We stopped at a chocolate restaurant called Max Brewers and ordered some hot chocolate! This is not your average hot chocolate… It pours out of the pot into your cup once placing the bottom of the pot on the rim of the cup! Neat huh?
Thank goodness for John Boy!


  • in morse code
    December 23, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    yay for new york!! see you in a week!!!!

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    April 23, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    […] were made this past year and a half and I cannot be more grateful for the experiences I have had.  New York, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, and of course Vegas have been an adventure I will never forget.  So I […]


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