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I decided to catch you all up some fitness! I wanted to talk about how my body is responding to new workouts and routines. I love love love bodyrock.tv but like I have mentioned before, I get bored with the same routine and I feel like my body benefits from switching it up.  I do have to be careful in the way I build my muscles due to being a dancer (we try to be long and lean…haha not always easy seeing I’m only 5″3) So…I gave up running due to joint pains as well as I didn’t like the way it was building my legs and found a new love for the Elliptical. Check out some of those workouts here .  I really enjoy intervals and I feel the Cardio benefits just after 30 mins.  Some weeks it gets tough but I try to do some form of Cardio 3 or 4 times a week, and then give my body a good yoga or Pilate’s class the other 2 or 3 days.

Speaking of yoga…Since I’m in Utah, I decided to get use of my Gold Gym pass since I hardly use it and there was a Yoga class being offered.  I decided I was in desperate need of Yoga so I headed out.  Can I tell you that I so appreciate the Yoga studio I attend in Vegas more after attending that class?…I wasn’t so fond of yoga in a room with mirrors and windows viewing the heavy weight section. I could hear the large men grunting with their weights while I was trying to focus on my breathing…moral of the story is…  attend a yoga studio if you are looking for a quality class that is centered around the art of yoga. Yoga for me is more than an exercise class, its soo soo good for my soul and helps me stay sane! It’s almost more of a workout for my mental state.  Its a tough task to quiet the mind and really focus.

Now here is a new one friends! I have a great friend who started this awesome workout that is sadly only in utah (so far).  It’s called BalletBlast and I’ve mentioned it before but I really want to spread the word.  This workout class is an hour of high energy cardio mixed with dance elements that tone your body. The best part about it is that you don’t need any dance experience to benefit from this class.  I have taken many “ballet barre” or “cardio barre” classes in Vegas and didn’t enjoy them and Ive finally found a “ballet” based exercise class that I love! It’s non stop and the hour flies by.  I’m a sweaty mess after but I love it!  The best part is Ive seen results in my body! I highly recommend it to all my Utah readers! Hopefully it will spread to other states soon!

These are just some workout options that I have found that I’m loving! Don’t be afraid to switch it up and find new ways to push your body.  Don’t get stagnant and remember strength is beauty!

what fitness works for you?

whats the craziest workout class you’ve taken?


Jessie Ann

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