Whirlwind Weekend

Hello loves!

Blogging from the iPhone again due to still being out of town. It’s been quite an eventful weekend. We started bright and early Friday morning (4 am) and took a mini road trip to Utah. We rolled in just in time to change and run over to the Temple for Mady and Corey’s ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony and I’m so glad they invited us to be there.

We had some time to kill before we had to be at the reception for bridesmaid pics with the bride, so we decided to go get the puppy! We had been searching online for a Yorkie the past couple of days and we found a darling little pup in Utah…. So…. We decided why not! I’ve been dying for another little addition to the family (and no babies in the near future) so meet little Remington! Remi for short:)


He’s having a little man bonding time with Carson:) he’s only 3 months old and we’ve got some training to do! Don’t be surprised if he graces most of my posts from now on:)

I left the puppy with Carson and ran back to the reception! It was a stunning, sunflower filled night and always a neat experience to witness one of your closets friends married! Mady had all of her closets girlfriends as bridemaids and we had a party! I may be biased, but I don’t know anyone else who has a group of 8 girls as supportive as we do. They were there for my big day, and we’ll continue to be there till the last one is married!


Overall it was a beautiful night and we were so glad we could make it!

Were getting ready to get back in the car to head home. To be honest, hopefully we can stay awake. Looking forward to getting home and getting remi settled!


Jessie Ann

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