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I made it safely back to Vegas after a little over a week in Utah with Carson.  It was COLD to say the least! Sheesh! I was lying by the pool in Vegas, and then shivering in a parka in Utah within a matter of days! I did enjoy seeing family, spending time with Carson, and teaching a little bit! It’s a good switch up from the regular grind:)

I seem to have a hard time staying fully on track when I’m not at home so I decided to take today as a reset! Every day is new, so I’m starting this one with a good attitude and an excitment to do a little bit better.  Caron loves easter candy, so naturally, I sneak a few! But today is a day for fresh juice, veggies, and clean eating! My body needs it, especially after returning to work so I invite you to take a reset.

Maybe it’s not a reset to eat better, maybe its a reset to get moving, turn off that phone, or organize that closet.  Take a chance today and make a goal to change something small:) I’m going to start drinking at least two fresh juices a day, and get moving! The sun is out so maybe some long walks will be perfect!

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Thanks to pinterest, I found these fabulous juice recipes I can’t wait to try! Check out the recipes here.  Comment and tell me what small changes you are going to make today!!

Happy Wednesday!


Jessie Ann

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