Thursday’s with the Doctor

hey friends

so as some of you may have seen, if you follow my instagram, that i spent yesterday at the dr’s office.  yipee. everyone loves a good visit to the docs office.

i don’t.

especially when i sat on that weird chair with the crinkly paper stuff for an hour reading magazines that were from february.  there is no good gossip in an out dated magazine…

and i love my gossip.

so i waited till the doc entered and literally spent 7 mins with me.  discussed what was up. listened to my heart. then he handed me a piece of paper and told me to go the lab.

the lab?

what were they going to do me there? i made it to the lab and thankfully the little mermaid was on to calm my nerves.  “i’ve got gadgets and gizmo’s a plenty”. then the poor girl in front of me stood up, went around the corner and i preceded to hear her complaining about feeling sick.  then she was on the floor. then they brought a bucket for her to puke in.

i looked at the door and contemplated running.

little mermaid held be back.  it was mine turn.  i proudly told the nurse that i gave blood once as he was wrapping a piece of orange tape around my arm.  i failed to mention that i passed out after the fact.  then he was pulling out needles and informed me they were going in my arm.


your going to do what? my blood is going to end up in those little tubes??  ok. im a fighter. i got this.  he asked me to tell me all about my family and so i did.  i rambled on and on and on and before i knew it he was asking me to stop talking and put pressure on my arm.  needle was gone and those pesky little tubes were no where to be found.


i totally rocked it.  all thanks to little mermaid singing in the back round.  but when did they stop giving out stickers? i totally deserved one.

so now we wait. wait a week for those results to come back and then take the plunge to fix it.



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