spoonful of ghetto

that’s right folks…you heard me right.  ghetto.  this past weekend, center stage (the studio i teach at) hosted the MONSTERS OF HIP HOP convention and we had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing hip hop teachers around.  i’m talking the choreographers for justin timberlake, beyonce, justin beiber, sytycd, janet jackson and many more.  i was just excited to be learning from these people and i just wanted to say “hire me!”.  i would die to work with anyone of them!


this was the one of the combo’s we learned! so chill! i wish i had a video of myself but i am not even sure i want that online so for now enjoy the master’s at work!

i defiantly felt like a little white girl trying my hardest for the weekend but it was sooo nice to be taking class rather than teaching it!  i did hold my own for the most part but i would LOVE to spend a little while in LA training more! who knows what will happen after carson graduates but hopefully god has a plan that involves some dancing!!






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