spoonful of healthy holiday habits

happy monday to you all! i still cannot believe it is the 10th of dec already and the holidays will be here soon! my little house is all decked out for Christmas and i’m still waiting for carson to put my gifts under the tree! we even have a little baby stocking for remmie!  i posted this pic on instagram and immediatly people thought i was prego! sorry but just for little puppy baby this year:)

  1. attend crossfit atleast 5 times per week.  if i cannot make it to crossfit, complete at home workout.
  2. only eat out twice a week (preferably weekends when carson isn’t working) eat @ home and pack lunches during the week.
  3. enjoy a few holiday goodies but be selective.  i will enjoy my goodies on a weekend or on the actual holiday  (i tend to over due it when i give myself too much wiggle room)
  4. enjoy christmas eve dinner and christmas day food traditions.  live a little!
  5. dress up! you better believe that’s a healthy goal because lately i live in sweats so i am making a goal to put on lip stick and enjoy the holiday parties
  6. be patient.  no one should feel “guilt” from having a treat at any time of the year
  7. take a few moments each day to reflect on what Christmas means to me
i tried not to set crazy goals, but rather small steps to not only enjoy my holidays, but also keeping fit and healthy as well.  because it is the holiday season i can’t go crazy and deprive myself of all things tasty, but i do want to keep a handle on it all because crossfit after eating terrible is the worst feeling! my body is slow and lethargic and i dont want that for the entire month! so tell me what some of your goals are this season?

cheers to keeping my holidays somewhat healthy:)



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