currently me

seeing… progress.  my studio kids are looking AH-MAZ-ING and I feel like a proud mother hen being involved in their growth as artists. I’m seeing spring! I love the sunshine and I am hoping mother nature doesn’t keep tricking us with random cold days!  I’m seeing change, good and bad, and maybe a little craziness but I’m ready for it:)

hearing… this beautiful tune is playin in my car these days and ooooh is it fine! do any of you watch Nashville? I am currently addicted and technically that isn’t hearing but that’s where my tune came from!

doing… working.  sometimes I think too much but then again I am more than ok with being busy.  wish I was laying on a beach or visiting Bali but who doesn’t? I’m alright with being a busy bee and currently doing more work to make this blog a little better! you will see soon enough:)

believing… LDS general conference was last weekend and I was filled with beautiful council.  Currently i’m focusing on all that goodness:)

craving… clothes. tortilla bar. sweet potatoe fries.  too many things to list.  This outfit right here from fashion blogger Cara Loren  is giving it to me and calling my name.  too bad I have no reason at all to order new clothes but a girl needs a few online purchases every once and awhile right? And as for the Tortilla Bar.  If you are in Utah this is a must! All organic and the most delicious gourmet tacos I have ever tasted.  And get this… one of my uber talented Sr Co members family owns it! So there are two great reasons to go:) I suggest the Avocado and Beet tacos!

missing… you all know the answer to this but I am missing my dear Carson and baby Remmie.  They are doing great in Minnesota, surviving the cold, and 3M is treating Carson well!  Missing date night and red box runs but we are professionals at this and thank goodness for skype and snap chat.

watching… hulu! I have already professed my love for hulu but I am watching Nashville, Smash, The following, How I Met Your Mother, and New girl! They keep me company on lonely nights and they are just plan ole good.  Maybe it’s the performer in me but I wanna be apart of smash or Nashville.  It seems like a real dream job to be on broadway or a huge country star! And I think Hayden Panitierre (spelling?…although kinda a diva in the show) is darling and her costumes are great

reading… about to start the Divergent series.  Anyone read it? I’m hoping it’s a good read!

thinking… that it’s probably time to go to bed but I have too much on my mind to go to sleep.  I have been contemplating the decisions I need to make in order to make my big aspirations a reality.  so I am going to start taking those chances the best I know how.  who knows, maybe something exciting will come my way:) I’m putting it out there and 3 cheers to going for it.  Hopefully I am good with failure because it could all go down the drain but here goes:)

how’s that for a post? now I wanna hear whats currently “you”


Jessie Ann




  • Gentri
    April 15, 2013 at 12:21 am

    I LOOOOVE Divergent! They’re already working on the movie. I love that picture of you, so cute! I’m also excited to see what’s new on your blog!

    • jessie.james
      April 15, 2013 at 12:22 am

      Glad to hear you love Divergent! Just started and so far I love it! I can totally picture the movie!!! hooray!


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