Dance Party Friday

This week has flown by and I seriously can’t believe its friday again! holly hannah! I intorduced you all to “Dance Party Friday” last week and now its time for more.  I bet you are so excited.  You should be because I get pretty passionate about this kinda stuff:) so here goes…

Did anyone of you watch this season of SYTYCD? If you did I am sure you saw this and fell in love with it but I had to share….Travis Wall has done some great work but this may be my favorite so far! BEAUTIFUL…


and if this doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will! I love that dance is such a way of communicaiton….this is why we do this…



for all you secret hip hoppers ( i wish i was this cool) take a peek at this…


ahhhh these videos just make me wanna get up and busta move.  I DON’T CARE!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! and for this weeks new artists to check out I recently picked up a few tracks from Oh Lands new album. Pretty good stuff.  I love her vocals:) I would also check out Sleeping at Last which is not exactly new just soothes the soul:)

Happy Dancin’ Friday!

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