a special minnesota monday for the hubs

well hello! we had quite an exciting weekend over here with birthday festivities and our weekend getaway to wisconsin.  our beloved byu cougars were scheduled to play at wisconsin so we decided to be loyal fans and make a birthday weekend out of it! sadly byu lost…suffered both with defense and offense. ugh. i hate loosing and i am not even that invested in football.  it was crazy to be in the stands as a visitor and experience the badger fans. just a huge sea of red!  i have never seen such crazy fans! the student section was insane! walking around was like one of the movies full of frat houses and loud tailgates.  pretty fun/crazy stuff and everything i never experienced due to my lack of college:) i don’t think i missed out on much:) carson’s college experience was in provo and we all know thats one of a kind:)

we met up with one of carson’s high school buddies as well as some new friends that actually live in the twin cities! woot! love new friends:) can you see what i mean by a sea of red wisconsin badger fans? we stuck out like sore thumbs. win or loose it was a really fun game although it did get a little chilly! apparently that’s nothing compared to how cold it will get soon…time to buy more scarves? yes. lets not forget it was carson’s birthday so we celebrated the only we know how…with food.  madison isn’t the most exciting place we have been but it was pretty cute and happened to have an original pancake house.  we couldnt resist:)

it was a quick trip but always fun to go and explore! the drive was about 4 hours and lining the sides of the road were constant billboards advertising cheese.  we giggled and remembered wisconsin is the dairy capitol of the world and we should give it a chance.  i am not a dairy fan.  well, more like i am intolerant so its usually not an option.  carson on the hand, loves his cheese so we decided to get the full experience and buy real cheese curds.  curds.  doesn’t that sound nasty? i had never heard of cheese curds till our fateful state fair experience and luckily these ones weren’t fried. squeaky cheese!

i cannot handle how awesome this picture is.  i seriously love him for being up for this.  how could we miss out on a photo opp with a massive mouse eating cheese? awesome.  happy birthday babe.  more memories ahead and lots of laughter along the way!

all my love,

jessie ann

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