new years “solutions”

i know i am about a week late but better late than never.  as a kid growing up we would sit down the first sunday of january and set goals as a family.  my dad would give us guidelines on the types of goals we should set and then talk about how to achieve them. we did this since i can remember and i’m so thankful it was a priority in the thacker house.  to continue the whole “goal theme” i was hired on at lululemon athletica  at the end of november and part of our training was discussing and eventually writing down our vision and goals for the next 10 years. all in all goals have been buzzing in my head for a few months and engraved in my sub conscious for years.

IMG_2601i hesitated to write out how i really want my life to be in fear it was “too good” and unachievable.  some people hate setting goals because they are afraid of not achieving them and i was afraid to set my sights too high.  i got started on it anyway (still work to do) and it was exciting! i set my goals in present tense as if it was my life now and all i could think was “my life is great…can i have that now?”  and why not? so much possibility with an open mind:)

so as working at lululemon flew by and suddenly its a new year i got thinking about goals again and what new years resolutions i wanted to set.  my cute nephew couldn’t quite get the whole resolutions down so we are going with solutions this year:) he decided to play and rest more, and his little sister decided on more sandwiches. those seems like some pretty great goals if you ask me and who doesn’t love sandwiches, resting, and playing?

i decided to set my goals a little differently this year.  these crossed my mind:

1. loose 5 lbs.  2. read 1 book a month.  3. try a new workout class once a month.  4. take a 7-10 day vacation with the hubs. 5. blog 3 days a week with quality content. 6. create a dance concept/choreograhy video. 7. cook dinner on nights off for carson. 8. treat myself to a mani/pedi or massage every 3 months. 9. LA trip for class. 10. learn photoshop for blogging.

and then this crossed my mind about those goals above and it got me thinking about the root of those goals…

1. be self-confident in my body. 2. take time for myself. 3. sweat and have fun doing it. 4. love my husband. 5. broaden my horizon through writing. 6. take teaching from a job to a creative place. 7. serve others. 8. self care. 9. dance!!! 10. get back to learning! get my brain working.

yes they are the same goals in the end but i just want to be more focused on being happy then watching the scale for pounds, or making dinner with a bad attitude just to check it off the list.  i want to push myself this year.  get creative, take care of myself, and in turn take care of my little family.  its another year thats going to be filled with lots of change.  i am going to approach this with a totally different attitude than i have in years past.

hello 2014. lets be friends.


jessie ann


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