how silly of me…


^how silly of me to be sooo excited its reaching 57 degrees.

^how silly that i’ve adapted to the cold like a polar bear and 57 degrees feels like july. not to mention it was at least 70 yesterday. my heart sang a little when i felt that on my skin.

^how silly that i will spend my sunny weekend inside at a 5 day long dance competition.

^how silly of me that i actually love dance competitions.

^how silly of me that i get more nervous than my dancers as they take the stage.

^how silly i was nauseous during awards. and no i’m not pregnant. that was a result of nerves.

^how silly of me to plan an epic outfit because dancers tend to always be cute.  i’ve got to keep up with the other teachers that will be there. how silly.

^how silly that i want to prove myself as a teacher and choreographer in this midwest region.  i want my dancers to do well.

^how silly of me that all i want is to buy a whole new wardrobe. apparently the spring clothing i have isn’t good enough.

^how silly that i basically did. oops. i’m sorry thats probably not something to giggle about.

^how silly that this is todays blog post. sorry peeps its friday.

^how silly i am wearing my boot again. stupid stress fracture.

^how silly life can be sometimes.  today i am remembering to laugh and let it happen as it should.  there is no sense in spending my weekend stressed hoping for life to go the way i want it to.  no easy task letting life happen but thats my mantra for the next few days.


jessie ann

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