I had friends in high school?!

Sometimes I look back at my high school and wonder why I had friends! I was such a drama queen and my whole world seemed very overwhelming. The break ups, gossip, trends, friends, and who liked me or not was all that mattered most of the time. I think I was a fun person to be around and honestly I wasn’t at high school a whole lot with my dance internships and such but I remember being in tears a lot. You guys, not just a few times, but a lot. My poor friends probably wanted to smack me and tell me to grow up. 🙂 The smallest things affected me and I think that’s a part of growing up but sometimes I look back and wish I had handled situations better.

I went through crazy hair trends thinking that was my way of being unique and standing out when in reality it was just bad hair and I look back and giggle.

I sure hope over the years I have grown for the better and I know I have learned a lot about myself. When I run into high school friends I can’t help but
Cringe thinking of the dramatic teen I was but hopefully we all feel that way about high school.

My life is completely different and lots of life decisions made since graduating that has shaped me into the person I am now. I am not a product of my circumstances but life is obviously not the same as high school.

Thank goodness right? I would not be able to deal with adults if we still acted like high schoolers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve run into my fair share of people who act like we are still in high school, but thankfully I’ve surrounded myself with people who have moved on.

The people I went to school with are all over the place now. Some are married, some have kids, and some are living in other counties. It kind of blows my mind 5 years ago I was concerned about who did and didn’t sign my yearbook and have I even looked at my yearbook since? Nope. Why was high school such a big deal? Maybe I’ll never know, but I do know life is a big deal and mine is pretty great right now. I’m surrounded by the BEST people. The type of people you hold on to for food:) I don’t know how I got so lucky. If only I could’ve seen that in high school maybe it wouldn’t have been so dramatic:)


Jessie Ann

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