Cross Training As A Dancer Part 2: Cardio

So we covered Crossfit in my last post and today let’s discuss cardio. Dancers spend a lot of time in the studio and you may think we are burning calories like crazy. Yes we are but its more of an anaerobic workout than aerobic and it’s the same affect as running for an hour. As a dancer I hate running. It hurts my joints and I get super bored, but I know dancers who love it. If you are a runner I suggest keeping it to 30-45 min sessions a couple times a week with some intervals to boost your metabolism. I’m not a certified trainer so take my advice as you like it, but this has worked me! I also love intervals on the elliptical! Saves my joints and I find I can get a good aerobic workout with intervals, resistance, and incline. Some awesome workout ideas on a previous post of mine about cardio ideas!

I recently fell in love with SoulCycle. It’s a trendy spin studio that kicks your butt! The environment is empowering and the workout I get is amazing! The only downside is, I develop muscle quickly in my legs and again I was finding I was loosing flexibility and only strengthening the large muscle groups and neglecting the smaller ones dancers require. That’s when you listen to your body and maybe just spin twice a week supplemented with yoga or pilates. We’ll talk about how much I love those last two later!

It’s so important to find what works for you!! Everyone’s body types are different and what works for me may not work for you. I do suggest to my fellow dancers to take good care of your bodies (especially as we age) and train to support your dancing!

That’s my two cents! Happy cardio!


Jessie Ann

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