Visiting Carson’s Mission (Brazil Part 2)

IMG_0962LDS Chapel where Carson and Seth Served

IMG_0975IMG_0976Visiting member families 
IMG_1046IMG_0979LDS ward in Ribeirao Preto (Carson served in this ward for 9 months)IMG_1045IMG_1103My most favorite person we visited! She was a major part of Carson’s mission and I wanted her to come live with us in the states! She is an amazing/hilarious woman! IMG_0983Carson and Seth’s old apartment in Ribeirao Preto where they both served in the mission office. IMG_1006IMG_1004IMG_0992

We mainly planned our Brazil trip to visit the places that Carson and Seth served their LDS missions, so after 4 days in Rio we headed out cross country! We spent the next few days on the interior of Brazil and made stops in Passos, Mococa, and then Ribeirao Preto.  Ribeirao Preto is where Carson and Seth served a year of their missions together in the mission office.  The members in these cities were so happy to have us! Everyone wanted to feed us! It’s a miracle we had room in our stomachs at the end of the day for more! I couldn’t help but tear up as the members expressed their thanks and love for Carson’s service.  It was such a testimony of missionary work and that the gospel is universal! The faith of the members amazed me! Their circumstances are so different and they live with a lot less than we do, yet their love for god and the gospel does not waiver. We enjoyed church is Carson’s old ward which was all in Portuguese.  I quickly learned to just smile and nod since most members didn’t speak english and I looked to Carson for translations. I beamed with pride as he greeted those he baptized and members of the ward he worked closely with.  We visited the mission office and made sure to eat at all of Carson and Seth’s favorite spots too! Lots of Pao de queijo (cheese bread) and all things unhealthy. When in Brazil right?


Jessie Ann

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