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What You Don’t See On Social Media


Meagan over at Because Of Jackie recently posted about things she isn’t great at and it inspired me to write a similar post! Social media (mostly instagram) makes the world look a little too perfect.  I mean who really posts that unflattering picture or messy kitchen? No one! So here it is folks.  All my dirty laundry for you to see 🙂

Documenting my life.  As you can see above I was scraping the barrel for a picture with this post.  I don’t love pictures of myself and therefore never take em! I’m also pretty terrible at bowling so I guess its a relative picture.

Closing the cupboards. Carson hates it. I can’t seem to close a cupboard after using it.  That goes with shutting doors too. oops…My mind moves a hundred miles an hour and I can’t keep up!

I am terrible at math. Anything that has the slightest to do with numbers shuts my brain off. It’s a good thing I picked a dance career because I would have struggled otherwise! Sorry future littles, daddy is going to have to help you with homework. #sorrynotsorry

Organizing my closet is a daily battle. When I’m at work and folding yoga pants, I am the master organizer, but for some reason when I get home I can’t bring myself to be that organized. Its a mystery.  Lack of efficiency at works kills me but I am not that stressed about it at home.

I hate to say this one since I pretend so well (wink wink) but I am not a good cook.  I have maybe 3 meals I am good at and they are already mostly prepared by trader joes. I’ve gotta work on that one…

Sometimes being a girl! The last thing on my mind is a mani/pedi or even blow drying my hair for that matter! I do love getting ready on the days I have to so maybe that one needs to be more of a habit 🙂 I’ll keep ya posted on that one.

I get distracted very easily.  Completing the task at hand rarely happens because I have been distracted by another task in the other room. They eventually all get done, but wouldn’t it be easier if I just finished it and then moved on? The answer to that one is yes. Yes it would.

I can’t say no. I get stuck planning events or gatherings and I hate it! I cannot say no without a huge explanation. Am I alone on this one?! Disappointing people kills me!

There it is friends. Social media makes everyone look perfectly put together but in reality we’re all just human. Probably comparing ourselves to each other not realizing everyone is fighting their own battles, large or small. I consider cleaning my closet a battle.



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