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Type Casted Cut

Another peek behind the curtain into the dance world. I hope you aren’t sick of “dance world” posts yet or else you are in the wrong corner of the internet ūüôā Someone¬†asked me a funny question last night and it sparked my interest to write. ¬†They said “so now that you have an agent, should you have booked a job by now?” I don’t think this person was asking to be pushy or rude just an honest question. ¬†I explained what I am about to explain to all of you.


Thankfully there is a lot of opportunity in LA for dancers right now and a lot of different paths to take. I decided if I am going to be in LA I should explore as many avenues as I can. ¬†Exploring the commercial side is a bit tricker than I am used to. ¬†It comes with a lot more than just dancing. Professional headshots, bodyshots, and dance photos like the one above (terrified to post it so don’t judge) and stepping into auditions and stepping out 5 minutes later. ¬†Type casting is the largest part¬†of the commercial world. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin color, body type etc… I usually walk into an audition and walk out minutes later after not being the right type. ¬†Kind of a bummer but it is what it is and no time wasted.

Its a lot. It’s a lot for me to handle most of the time and I’m learning how to deal with it. What I want the outside world to know is that it’s simple. ¬†50 auditions and you may only book two. It takes time and lots of work to get what you want out here. ¬†I guess you could say I am learning patience and self confidence. ¬†Its not easy to walk in and walk right out but every time it gets a little easier. ¬†Getting cut is no reflection on how good of a person I am or sometimes even my talent! There isn’t a ton I can change about myself but there is always room to grow and improve. ¬†Especially in class! I feel so lucky to be here because¬†this is the place to do just that. ¬†This is the place to change and grow regardless of how many jobs I may or may not book.



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