How I Cross Train As A Dancer

I am a fitness gal. I enjoy working out and breaking a sweat, but unfortunately I am also a short, broad little human who gains muscle fast. Four squats and suddenly my legs are twice the size and I am shopping for new jeans… Maybe not that intense… Sorry…Carson says I can be a little dramatic but you get the point. Crossfit, running, spinning, aerobics, boxing, yoga, i’ve tried it all! Let me tell you about my new found love!


I’m sure most of you have seen a Pilates reformer machine at one point or another.  This bad boy is my new best friend.  I recently got hooked at a studio in Calabasas called SPN Pilates and there is no going back for me. It’s addicting and its a more fitness based pilates class than a classic one.  Faster paced and I always leave dripping sweat and red faced! Which leads me to my next point…..

Pilates has changed my body for the better as a dancer! I feel stronger, longer, and leaner! The work comes from the resistance of the springs that differ in weight load. This particular studio is more fitness based and the classes are faster paced.  I love feeling challenged so it’s good fit for me but a few other studios I have attended offer more classical classes too!  Many choose pilates because it is low impact and a safe way to burn calories without jamming your joints!  It’s amazing the amount of sweat dripping off me when I am asked to stabilize against the weight of the springs!  Many use pilates to rehab injuries as well and I take class with a huge range of clients from young to old!

Thankfully there are so many studios out there offering classes and I challenge you to give one a try! Pilates, weekly dance classes, and yoga are keeping my body healthy.  We ask a lot of our bodies as dancers and it’s important to be good to them. Dancer or not I think health is important! We only get one body, don’t let it expire sooner than it should!

What’s your favorite way to sweat?!



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