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La Mezquita [Cordoba, Spain]

People say that “a picture says a thousand words” and in this case I couldn’t agree more. An easy day trip from Malaga landed us in Cordoba to see the famous Cathedral built on top of a Mosque.

One of the MOST incredible sites in Spain that we have seen thus far and the merging of two cultures creates a breathtaking experience. Rich catholic history built side by side with Muslim architecture and culture.

In order to snap the best photos without a ton of tourists, arrive early by 9 am or after 4 pm! During the day, La Mezquita is full large groups of visitors and organized tours. Give yourself at least an hour if not more to wander the large site.

A little history:  The Mezquita’s architectural uniqueness and importance lies in the fact that, structurally speaking, it was a revolutionary building for its time. Earlier major Islamic buildings such as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the Great Mosque in Damascus placed an emphasis on verticality, but the Mezquita was intended as a democratically horizontal and simple space, where the spirit could be “free to roam and communicate easily with God”.

The Mezquita is registered as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites and is one of the largest Mosques in all the world. Rent a car from Malaga and make the day trip! An easy drive to witness one of southern Spain’s most beautiful monuments.



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