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We Love You Israel

We love you Israel. And we can’t wait to go back. The colorful markets, delicious food, kind people, and vibrant energy make for a place unlike any other. It was our first experience in the Middle East and honestly we didn’t know what to expect. Being from the US, our media is sadly biased about that region of the world and we were surprised to be greeted by such kindness.

Since returning I find myself craving fresh hummus and pita, falafel, and other middle eastern dishes. THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD. When you find a place that has it all (history, culture, food, and beautiful places) you put in on the “return to visit” list.

We recommend starting your trip in Tel Aviv for a few days before traveling to other cities. The city is pulsing with energy and you’d be sorry if you didn’t stop to savor it!

Check out our James Gang Travel tips for Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel:


Visit the Carmel Market
DIY Street Art Tour : Tel Aviv is full of beautiful street art. If you are keen to go exploring click here for a guide!
Boardwalk of Tel Aviv
Visit the Old City of Jaffa
For my dancer friends! Take a dance class or two at Studio Naim. You won’t regret it!
Day trip to Masada/ The Dead Sea: There are plenty of tour group options but we opted for a rental car!
Visit Jerusalem. Check out our full Jerusalem Travel Guide here for all of our tips!


Miznon: Pita Focused Israeli fast food. A local favorite, the music is loud and pita is tasty!
Dallal : The best pastries and cakes to start your day!
Abu Hassan: Famous for their Hummus in Old Jaffa.
Son of the Syrian: Another amazing Hummus joint in Tel Aviv! Can you tell we miss the Hummus?!
Vitrina: Best Burgers and Fries in Israel. Not joking. I would go back just for this burger.


We are big fans of using Airbnb and we love staying in a locals place when we can! If you’d like $40 off your first stay, you can use my discount link here!

We decided to find a place near Dizengoff and King Street to be pretty close to the action and ended up with a Airbnb super close to Carmel Market.

If a hotel is more your jam we recommend checking out Bat Yam Hotel. It’s a little on the fancier side but great beach views!


The state of Israel observes Shabbat (holy day) beginning sundown Friday and ending sundown Saturday evening. Outside of Tel Aviv many places will be closed so we recommend spending the weekend in Tel Aviv and exploring Israel the rest of the week.

Use Gett app to call a cab. It works just like Uber and keeps your cab driver from over charging you. You can expect to pay about 150 Israeli Shekel from the airport.

Israel is super safe and people are generally warm and helpful if you get lost! Don’t hesitate to ask for directions!

Serving in the military is mandatory in Israel. Don’t be alarmed if you see Men or Women in uniform.

Always be respectful of new cultures and local people. It is a gift to travel you are a visitor in their home!


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