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Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt has been on our bucket list for quite some time and we finally made it happen during our Eastern European tour. The entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a photographers dream! We took the train from Salzburg into Hallstatt and then continued on to Vienna. The train was super easy, clean and comfortable! We love traveling by train when we can because the country side is simply stunning. PRO TIP: You can store you bags in luggage lockers in the Attnang-Puchheim Train Station. The transfer window is plenty of time to store your bags in the lower level of the station and you’ll only be switching one platform to change trains. Cost is anywhere between 4-6 euros and can be left for up to 24 hrs.

We arrived in a snow storm, which made the experience even more magical, and immediately started snapping photos. I’d recommend getting to Hallstatt before noon if possible. Any later and you will be sharing the quaint streets with more than a few tourists. We did luck out that the snow scared a few people away and we were able to enjoy the town almost to ourselves. Grab a pastry or two and start wandering the storybook streets. Stop inside the local shops for crafts, tasty treats, and local food.

Take the tram up the mountain and walk out on the Sky Walk  to enjoy a panoramic view of the lake. You can also visit the Dachstein Giant Ice Cave  up there if you have the time! It’s kid friendly and an interactive experience. We also stumbled upon the most beautiful cemetery up on the hill. It’s like nothing we’d ever seen with its view of the lake and wooden tombstones. Take the walk along the hillside to see the church and small cemetery.

Hands down the most beautiful place we have ever visited. It was hard to narrow down the photo selection because it felt like a scene out of a movie at every turn. If Austria is in your travel plans, don’t skip out on Hallstatt. It’s an easy day trip and one you won’t easily forget!




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