Retraining my Thoughts

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~ E.E. Cummings

I recently read an article that got me thinking…I spend way too much time selfishly comparing myself and waisting my energy on negative thoughts. Nothing too dramatic but we can always improve right? I sent this article to a friend and we came to the conclusion that it is easy to read an article like this one and block it out. I find myself saying “I really should do this…be better”but IT NEVER HAPPENS! It’s so hard to change the way I think but it is something that needs to be done! I’ve decided to turn over a new chapter and really focus on this self change. I’m beginning to see, thanks to the wise words of Carson, that this change is going to take real work…real patience…and time. I’m ready for this change. Thoughts are and interesting task to tackle. Our heads are like a stage and only one idea can occupy it at a time. The trick is to fill that stage with positive, real thoughts. Easier said than done right? I’m still working on a plan to achieve this goal but hopefully I can incorporate the 3 steps.
1. Embrace your individuality
2. Flip your focus
3. Celebrate
Check out the article below!

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