The Munchies, food, and a little love!

Today I woke up early since Carson goes to work so I decided to be a little lazy and catch up on some SYTYCD! love love love that show and I especially love miss Melanie! Shes a sweet heart and deserves to go all the way! anyway, I made a kale, celery, banana, mixed berry, and flax smoothie for breakfast! so tasty!

Looks a little nasty but believe me it was so good! Ill be honest, I had the case of the munchies this morning so I had handfulls of this and that. do I feel guilty? Nope! just try a little better to be less snacky:)

After a good walk on the treadmill and then a 90 min Yoga class (my body needed a good stretch!) I was craving pizza! ha! so random but I made a version of a veggie pizza on an Ezekial Tortilla!

I put a little soy mozzerella cheese, sliced tomatos and zucchinni.  I didnt have any spinach so I just topped it with sliced romaine! Seasoned it up with a little fresh pepper, garlic, and basil.  Drizzled just a little olive oil and put it in the oven for 10 min.  tasty!

A banana and almond butter for dessert! so random I know, but it was what I was craving! I think ill make chicken soft tacos tonight.  I found the recipe from Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life! here is the link. Chicken Soft Tacos . Ill post photos later and let you know how I did!

Missing our honeymoon today! Here are a few of my favorite pictures:)

Anyone have a cure for the munchies?


  • Angela
    July 20, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    I don’t have a cure for the munchies, I wish I did! However, what I like to do to curb my cravings for certain foods, is, I like to have a “free day” (mine is on Sunday) and I forget all of the “rules” of my nutrition program and I eat what ever I want. Some people may not think that this is a good way of eating, but when I am disciplined 6 days a week to eat balanced meals, I allow myself to have a free day 🙂 do you eat peanut butter? I have never tried almond butter, but a banana and peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks and I was wondering if almond butter was healthier?

    I love your new blog! Keep it up Jessie!! 🙂

  • jessie.james
    July 20, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    Hey Angela!
    I have heard of people who do a free day. I should think about that. I worry that if i gave my self a free day I would go crazy! ha! I guess its all about self control I guess:) I love raw almond and cashew butter. The benefits of a nut butter are about the same but I like that I get more protien with an almond butter as well as a good amount of fiber. I also prefer the taste:) Thanks for reading!


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