Sometimes my job is a little funny…

Hey Friends!

As I mentioned yesterday It was Donny.com weekend which means a whole weekend dedicated to his biggest fans! I am still amazed at the number of fans! some of them were a little crazy, but thats what made the weekend the most entertaining! Check it out! Last night we did the “Donny Dance Forum” which meant tons of fans dancing the same routine The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace! Entertainment tonight was there to cover it so keep your eyes out for it on ET!

The Man Himself

The masses waiting to get started!

owling before we begin:)

Anyway,it was such a blast with lots of laughs and crazy fans. ┬áRichard, one of the other dancers even ripped a huge hole in his pants cuz things got so crazy! We couldn’t keep it together after that I’m sure the shot ET uses will include all of us laughing hysterical! ┬áI’m exhausted from the weekend (hence the short but sweet blog post for today) so I’m headed to bed! I’m not feeling so great due to the lack of sleep so night all!

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