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Breakfast Fit for A Restaurant!

Hey friends!

Time to play a little catch up from yesterday! I woke up and headed straight to our little gym for another great Elliptical Cardio workout. I’ll be honest, it was a tough one but so glad I did! Love a good sweat sesh!

By that time I was ready to eat and made the best breakfast!  I have to share this with you….I found a breakfast recipe on thatsfit.ca and had to give it a shot!  The recipe was for a traditional Austrian pancake and is vegan and gluten free! click here for the recipe.

I put mine in the waffle maker to see how they would go.  Needless to say the skillet would have been much faster but they tasted delicious! I dusted them with some cinnamon and powdered stevia! You have to give these a try people!

Lunch was just as tasty as I was craving a good green salad.  I find it funny that I crave veggies now!  I grilled some asparagus, red peppers, tofu, and threw it on a mix of greens!  I topped it with a little fresh squeezed lemon and my Tahini dressing! mm mm good!

Salad with Tahini dressing

Now, time for a little discussion.  Today my body is telling me it needs a little rest.  Which is important and I want to honor my body but then those little nasty thoughts creep in and bring a little guilt with them.  I’m still learning the best ways to deal with those thoughts and I think looking at the bigger picture will help.  My bodies overall health is more important than worrying about days off. Life is too short to live in fear! but i do have my moments:)

How do you deal with your thoughts and feeling comfortable with taking days off?


Jessie Ann

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  • Pure2raw Twins
    July 29, 2011 at 1:46 am

    years ago, many years ago, we struggled with taking days off, but now we do and have no problem with it. we know now that our bodies need rest to grow and be stronger. sometimes it is easier said than done, but believe us in the long run it is so worth it 🙂


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