I Was Here…

I’m so sorry I have been a litle absent today! It was a day full of running errands and getting things done! I just wanted to share a quick thought.  Quality vs quantity for today!

I had some time to think with so much driving today.  I heard something that got me thinking.  “I was here”.  what does that mean?  What mark will I leave and what memories will those I leave behind remember my by?  This got me thinking further about what I am involved in and how fully I invest in it. I can apply this to my religion, my home life, family, career, Carson, and this blog.  Growing up I was taught that If I am going to something, I should do it fully! This is such a great reminder for me at this time.  I know I am getting complacent in many aspects lately so I need to rejuvinate and take on life with 150%.

My goal for the month of august is to wake up, put my feet on the floor with a thank you, and start my day with an ambittion.  Be fully aware and try my best to fully invest with all I have to all I do!

night bloggers!


Jessie Ann


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