My new quest!

Hello friends! I hope you all had a fabulous Friday night and an enjoyable Saturday so far.  I have to apologize for being so absent lately.  Like I mentioned before its been a busy week.  I spent the first three day at Center Stage Performing arts studio for their three day intensive, then up to Luv2Dance for some choreography as well as teaching at their two day intensive. Needless to say, I’m not sure I’ve ever taught so much in one week but I had a really great time! It is so refreshing to teach and hopefully inspire students when I haven’t had the chance since I started working with D & M.  The next two weeks don’t slow down much either so i think I can classify myself as a work a holic for the time being:)  It’s also so nice to see family while I’m in town:)

Speaking of family…

Isn’t he sweet?

So happy to spend time with this little one! I get to see my other niece and nephew tomorrow and I cannot wait!

Anyhow, I have sparked a little interest with some friends as well as family with my way of eating.  They ask why I am not eating the same meal as others, or why I eliminate most meats.  I simply tell them that I have found a way of eating that has not only positively affected my body, but positively affected my life.  I’m aware of what I consume and where it comes from. Although it may be difficult to maintain at restaurants and or family gatherings, everyone has been very gracious and sensitive to my eating habits. I’m so glad that my family is being supportive and even stocking the fridge with extra veggies for me! My dad even eats my gluten free, vegan desserts! baby steps right?! I’ve been thinking lately that I want to dive even deeper in.  I eat mostly salads for lunch and dinners, but I’d like to put myself out there and start making my favorite meals into raw or vegan versions.  It will take a lot more practice but Id like to give it a try.  I love raw lasagna and I want to try making that, or even pastas made with veggies, and so many more. This is my quest for the next couple of months.  At Least two or three “non salad” type of meal a week.  I’m hoping I can get good enough that Carson may even enjoy them! I wonder if there is a culinary academy specializing in raw foods in Vegas? I’ll have to do a little bit of research.  I feel like it may be a little bit overwhelming but I’m really excited to experiement and take on a new challenge! Wish me luck?

tell me about your favorite “non salad meal”

how was your crazy week?

any weekend plans?


Jessie Ann

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