What really is in a protien bar…

Hi friends!

I can’t even tell you how giddy I was at the airport yesterday.  It felt like one of our long breaks we used to have during our engagement and I was so glad to see him.  He is such a trooper and drove me to bountiful this morning to choreograph another solo.  He sat and watched the whole time:) I think he’s a keeper:)

Anyway friends, I wanted to touch on something.  As I have mentioned before, I used to count calories like crazy and do my best to stick to a high protein low carb diet ( I did it all the wrong way) I ate a protein bar for breakfast with an apple, protein smoothie for lunch and some sort of meat for dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE throwing protein powder into a smoothie, it just needs to be the right kind. Here are some facts about protein bars and powders…


  1. Protein bars and smoothies are processed and do not offer your body the nutrients it receives from whole foods.  When possible, use whole foods for meals and limit the amount of Meal Replacement items.
  2. When looking at a Meal Replacement bar or Protein Bar, always check the sugar source.  Many are filled with refined sugars to make it taste good.  Be careful with the “low sugar” bars…double check what kind of sweetener is being used.  Ingredients like Aspartame or Acesulfame Potassium are dangerous for your health and anything artificial makes me nervous.  Look at the ingredient list first, sometimes the nutrition facts list can be misleading on distinguishing what kind of sugars are being used.  Ingredients are listed in order of amount of use.  If sugar, corn syrup, or refined chocolate is first on the list, it’s no good. Most protein bars are just disguised candy bars. You may as well just eat a snickers:)
  3. Another Ingredient to watch out for is saturated fat.  Many bars have 4-8 grams per bar but the importance is not on the amount but the type of fat. Many are derived from hydrogenated oils.  Most companies use a chocolate or yogurt coating, but its the same chocolate that you would find in a hershey’s bar:)
  4. Labels can be misleading…labels like “nutrition bar” or “health food” can draw you right to the wrong bar…skip the large labels and look at what’s in the bar itself.
  5. I don’t count calories anymore, but for those of you who do, pay attention to the amount of carbs and proteins to the ratio of calories. The protein to carb ratio may be a good one, but pay attention to where the carbs are coming from. Is it the sugar?

Overall, for me at least, its been tough to find a high protein bar that is a whole food product.  I have found with the way I eat now, a Meal Replacement bar isn’t necessary.  If I need a quick snack or pick me up, I grab a LaraBar or a PureBar.  I can clearly understand the ingredients and they are made with whole natural foods.

Many of you know that I love a good protien smoothie.  I am also very selective on the type of powder I use.  I’m waiting for my new SunWarrior protien powder to come in the mail which is raw and vegan.  I also love my Hemp pro fiber .  I have not used a brown rice protien yet, but I have also heard wonderful things about that.

Just be aware of what bar you are grabbing and try to make the best choice:) Sometimes its tough so remember to relax and take it slow:)

what is your favorite snack or bar to grab on the go?

*protien bar facts were found at bodybuildingforyou.com


Jessie Ann



  • Natalie Carlson
    August 13, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    you are so cute! I love this.. have you ever tried Trio bars? so yummy if you like nuts

    • jessie.james
      August 13, 2011 at 10:16 pm

      Mmm I have heard of those but I want to give those a try! I love nuts:) I use a wordpress site for my blog! Love it… Uses to be on blogspot but I’m a wordpress fan now! Good to hear from you cute girl!

  • Natalie Carlson
    August 13, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    p.s. what blog website do you use? i use blogspot.com, but yours is a lot cleaner!


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