The best weekend in Utah


Motto for the upcoming week I think….I love it:)

Since Carson is in town just for the weekend, we decided to hit up everyone of his favorite food places before he goes back. First on the list was…J Dawgs… for those of you in Utah you know what I am talking about when I say (well more like heard since ive never actually eaten one) that they are the best hot dogs around.  They cover the dogs with this “special sauce” that is sweet and spicy.  Not to mention messy!  So I grabbed my favorite salad at Cafe Fresh and we headed over to get Carson and his bestie Scott some dawgs!


Cafe Fresh Tofusion Salad

Scott and his Dawgs

The hubby, dawgs, and silly face

They were stuffed and happy the rest of the night:) We woke up early this morning and treated Carson to his favorite French Toast at Kneaders Bakery while I gulped A Hemp Smoothie. We needed our energy for the big day ahead at Alpine Days:)

Here’s a quick peek of the Parade today…

The older sisters with the babies:)


The kids were in awe of the small town floats and the large amounts of candy coming their way.  It has been such a wonderful weekend being surrounded by family and close friends.  We have to remember to treasure these moments because they don’t last forever and family is often far away…(at least for Carson and I).  We get to spend tonight with Carson’s side of the fam for dinner so I’m looking forward to that.  It’s always tradition to see the Alpine Days fireworks! Perfect weekend for Carson to come visit:)

Now for the food tidbit of the day…Its been tough not really having my own kitchen to cook and experiment with so Ive mainly stuck to the quick and easy salads and smoothies for meals:) I’m getting creative with my salads while Ive been away from my kitchen and switchin in it up with my socca pizza and quinoa dishes. It’s not tough to eat the way I do while I’m away.  Fresh, whole food is available any where you go.  You may just have to search a little bit:)

How was your weekend?

What is your motto for the coming week?


Jessie Ann


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  • Pure2raw twins
    August 14, 2011 at 11:41 am

    what a fun weekend!! and love that motto!!! I just might use it for my week ahead 🙂


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