The November List

Hey friends!

Can you believe it is already November?! Before you know it, it will be Christmas and it is amazing to me to look back and see where life was just a year ago (that’s a story for a later post). But it’s that time again for a new set of monthly goals! We did pretty good at accomplishing most of the October goals so let’s see how we did…

1. We enjoyed our Donny & Marie cast game night!

2. Health Goals:

I think I did a little bit better with drinking more water as well as incorporating new cardio routines! I loved the Woman’s Fitness routines as well as some new at home HIIT workouts!

3. Food Goals

I still do not have my hands on Pea’s and Thank You! Ugh! I need to get on amazon right now and buy it! I did try my best to stay away from Gluten and hopefully I can continue that!

4. Blog Goals:

I’m still trying my best to grow the blog and spread what I love in the community. Sometimes I get discouraged after stalking so many incredible blogs, but it then inpsires and reminds me why I do it. I don’t do if for numbers, I do it because I enjoy it! I love looking back on the goals I set and see how I did! It motivates me to remember these goals month to month and push myself to get them done. Life gets comfortable too often and slips into a routine. It’s important to push your limits bit by bit and marvel at what you become! So it’s time for Novembers to do list!


1. Fun!

We have a lot of friends and family coming into town this month so I think a lot of fun will naturally happen so I think I’ll set a goal to enjoy more fun at home! I’m thinking Carson and I need an XBOX 360 Kinect night!! You know what that means…Lots of laughs and uncoordinated dance moves:)

2. Health/Food Goals:

3. Get back into some extra dance classes.

Being a professional, it is my responsibly to keep up with my training. Lately I havent been able to make it to a lot of class so I’d like to make a goal to take some extra dance classes aside from work throughout the week.

Miss taking class with these beautiful people.

And of course enjoying the holidays with friends and family!

what are your November goals?


Jessie Ann

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