The weekend..

Hey bloggers!

It has been such an awesome/crazy weekend! Here is why I was a little M.I.A. and maybe someday I’ll learn to balance life a little better!

1. Rise n’ shine early for the good produce baskets.

2. Take a nap…in the car.

3. Buying a car takes hours, don’t think you’ll be in an out in less than two.

4. Bring snacks when stuck at the dealership for 4 hours.  I tend to get a little sassy when I don’t eat.

5.  (this one is for all the hubbies out there) Take your woman to whole foods after a long afternoon of cars.

6. Take a class on how to use Microsoft Office.   I didn’t think creating a flyer could be so tough!

7. Drop the puppy at a friends and hope he doesn’t destroy the place:)

8. Celebrate when he doesn’t and realize how you are a proud “parent” at that moment.

7.  Try not to spray snot on stage while turning…nasty, but it happens!

8. Realize it’s daylights savings which means an extra hour of sleep!

9. Enjoy way to much good food and be proud of the food baby:)

10. Look forward to Monday and get back into the swing of things.

I love weekends and they always seem to hold some unexpected surprise for us.  We are still on the car search and gathering warm clothing for Chicago so this week will be busy!  A lot of family is coming into town the next few weeks and we can’t wait! We enjoyed having Carson’s Dad and Step-Mom in town and it reminded us how much we miss family!

For now…take a look at this Delicious Veggie Bake for dinner tonight all thanks to Averie at loveveggiesandyoga!

Photo thanks to the Iphone.

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