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Hey Friends!

It has been a busy busy day over here and I’m just now getting to the blog! This morning was a bit exciting because I taught my first Ballet Blast class! I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the morning, but got to the studio and we had a great time! I was pooped by the end but I then had to run straight to rehearsal with the Donny and Marie crew. We are heading to Chicago with the show in December so this week has been filled with rehearsal times to prepare for the new show. Busy! Busy! Busy!

With the crazy schedule, I’m learning that I need to be better prepared for the day! Snacking on who knows what is not the best option, and when I have healthy options previously prepared, I feel much better after snacking on those. The trick is knowing which foods to grab that will give you quality energy between meals!

One of my favorite daytime snacks is Lara Bars. The ingredient list is small, they provide healthy fats as well as protein, and taste great!


Fruit is also an awesome go to! I like to pair it with almonds or another nut to give me some more substance.


Some other options I turn to are:
1. Ziplock of fresh veggies with some tasty hummus
2. Protein cookie bites!
3. Homemade trail mix
4. Green smoothie: greens, fruits, sunwarrior protein, as well as ground flax.

I find that I stay away from sugary or processed snacks when I head out for the day prepared! It only takes a couple of min the night before and makes for a better busy day!

what are your go to snacks?


Jessie Ann

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