Notes for Friday…

Happy Friday!

Say hello to the weekend! Woot Woot! I am especially excited for this weekend because Carson is coming down with some friends and I get to spend Friday-Tues with him.  Thank goodness.

Don’t see The Vow when your hubby is living in another state.

Do see The Vow with the ladies and swoon at Channing Tatum.

Do shed some well needed tears.

Look at the unpacked suitcase and figure it’ll un pack itself.  Oh, and re-pack it for the annual Utah trip Sunday.

Do stand in the kitchen and beg Remmie to cook.

Walk away from the cadbury eggs. Enough said.

Put on workout clothes.

Watch Greys Anatomy in the workout clothes.

Take off the workout clothes. It was a valiant effort for the day….

Dream of the perfect Valentines Day.

Remember you won’t be with Carson on Valentines day.

Head to Target for some UN-NEEDED but therapeutic goods.

Should’ve attempted to get ready for the Target run.  It’s defiantly Friday.

Did I mention we love Channing?


Jessie Ann



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