The Birthday Weekend Overview

Hey Luvs!

Happy Tuesday! Last week was a whirlwind for me! I posted about a little Valentines Love and then it was birthday craziness! I finally turned 21! Birthdays are a little different when your older and sometimes feel like a regular day but it’s always great to have so much love that day!! Carson made the drive down and we got to spend the long weekend together! I love when he has Mondays off from school because I get him Thursday-Monday and makes the long distance a lot easier to handle! I can’t tell you how fun this weekend was! So here is a quick re-cap of all the birthday/long weekend fun!

All started with some goodies from my love!

A new juicer! YES! We popped it open before I went to work and made some juice!

This spinach, carrot, apple, and lemon has been my favorite so far! I’m excited to juice beets and other crazy combinations! mmmm hmm! ( see that juicy bag in the back? Carson came through on my favorite perfume! I’m such a lucky girl)

Birthday dinner followed by some “drinks” for the big 21! Thanks to Kenz (part of my D&M fam) we topped it off with some Bubbly! P.s. Im obsessed with my new green skinnies! Another b day gift!

I had a blast participating in a good friends photo shoot! Check her out! she is fabulous! Chantel Marie Photography

The best part of Birthday’s is they never end! Woot! B day dinner with my love, Stacey, and Chantel at Firefly! The best little Tapas spot in Las Vegas!

(Notice the crimped hair? We had our crazy photo shoot earlier that day and she rocked that crimped hair well!) Love that girl:)

Carson and I were in desperate need of the outdoors and discovered the Arizona Hot Springs near the Colorado River!!  Felt good to get moving on a Saturday, get some sun, and spend time with Carson.

(he was channeling The Little Mermaid)

What a weekend! Sunday was great to see our ward members here in Vegas and spend some time with good friends! Carson headed home yesterday and I seriously hate those goodbyes!! Ugh! They never seem to get easier and its really only till Sunday but its still no fun.  Luckily I’ve got little Remmie to snuggle with, my new juicer, and hopefully some killer workouts to keep me company this week:)

With that crazy update, have a happy Tuesday and see you soon with a new workout!


Jessie Ann




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