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happy friday! i am so looking forward to easter sunday and my week off in utah next week!  i love easter.  actually i just love the egg hunts, little babies in spring outfits, baskets, and goodies that come along with it:) i’ll be job searching, catching up with friends, and hopefully seeing my cute nieces and nephews! before i head out, i want to share with you on of my latest loves…

i was contacted by Sammy’s to try their new GF menu! i was stoked because if anyone knows me, you know that i love pizza and especially a GF one! Sammy’s has 5 locations in Las Vegas and many more around the country.  i took my cute friend jen and her baby with me to give it a try.

started with the Beet Arugula Salad

beets, arugula, feta, and walnuts

i could eat this everyday

ruby even enjoyed the beets:)

we ordered the Vegetarian Pizza to follow.

my eye went straight to this pizza on the menu and i’m so glad we ordered it.  they offer 22 GF pizzas!  i was a little worried that the crust would taste like a cracker, like most GF ones do, but i really enjoyed it.  tasted like a regular thin crust:)  it was made out of rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour, potato flakes, olive oil, sugar, yeast, and seasonings. pretty straight forward ingredients if you ask me:)

the menu also offered  vegan/dairy free cheese if needed as well as quite a few vegan options! GF dessert was available as well but i was too full to handle that.  the GF Messy Sunday sounded delicious! i was impressed by the full menu of starters, salads, pizzas, entrees, and desserts Sammy’s has to offer.  its tough to find a menu full of healthy/allergy friendly options and i’m excited that the world is accommodating more eaters like me:) i can’t thank Sammy’s enough for having me! and if there is one in your area, go check it out for yourself!

happy friday!!


Jessie Ann



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