finally some answers…

its been a little bit so let me give you the update.  first of all, for those of you who missed out on the NUTREX HAWAII twitter chat i’ll catch you up to speed.  i learned a ton in just one hour of chatting! here are a few points i had no idea about.

check out this photo of the gorgeous spirulina plant in kona! amazing!

  • hawaiian spirulina has 600% more protein than tofu! 600% is a whole lot friends!
  • hawaiian spirulina has a more bioavailable form of calcium than milk & it’s easier on the stomach
  • nutrex hawaii has a corporate philosophy of environmental responsibility & sustainability to help protect hawaiian ecosystem
  • nutrex hawaii is the ONLY microalgae farm in a “BioSecure Zone”- pesticide & herbicide free & GMO free
  • did you know that female hormones, steroids, acid blockers, birth control & antibiotics steal minerals. Restore w/ spirulina

the last point is my favorite:) that is exactly what i need:) so i am currently on day 3 of taking my NUTREX HAWAII sprirulina and bioastin.  dr oz even said that bio astin is a product women shouldn’t live without! its amazing! i have been taking it after workouts and its helped my joints and sore muscles as well:) so i’m sure i will notice more of a change the longer i take it, but as for now its helping with keeping my energy up!

which also leads into my next item of business…

i posted here and here about what has kinda been going on medically the last few weeks.  it’s been a frustrating search for answers and both tests came back normal for my thyroid which is reason to celebrate but at the same time there was no answer for why i was feeling the way i was.  my second blood test did come back with some surprising results.  i tested positive for mono and apparently i have had it for a little while now.  i can’t believe i was muscling through my livefit workouts while having mono…sheesh my body is hating me for that.  so i made an appointment with a Dr. Dave who practices homeopathy, hoping he could shed some light on the situation.  my gma has been going to him for years so she decided to come with me.  i’m glad she did because she asked all the right questions.  dave was amazing.  he took into account what day of the week i was born on, time of the year, and my personality traits attached to those.  he has been doing this for years and has the gift of intuition.  he gave me a natural remedy for mono and promised me i would be feeling better in a week.  he also gave me some herbs to help stabilize my hormones and help get me back on track.  everything he was saying made perfect sense.  my body has been thrown so far off from my birth control pill that it has been stressed since trying to level it all out.  my regular doc wanted to put me on a birth control pill with just progestin but dave made it clear that it would throw me off the other direction.  it was refreshing to speak to someone who understood me and agreed about a lot of the same things.  so carson and i have starting to take our mono remedy and i am getting my hormones on track!

if you live in utah and you are looking for some answers about your health, message me and ill give you his info!

anyway.  i am really excited to be fixing things! and the best news of all…we discovered i am not allergic to gluten!! wahoo! just highly sensitive to white flours which is ok by me because i never eat white flour.  but how nice will it be to not have to buy GF everything?! such a relief! anyhow, thanks for listing to my novel but it feels good to finally be getting some answers!


Jessie Ann




  • Jen
    June 8, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Dr Dave?

  • jessie.james
    June 8, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    haha not your crazy dave haha but another one:) they are probably friends:) actually…does your dave work at Daves health and nutrition?

  • Pure2raw twins
    June 9, 2012 at 2:11 am

    we love spirulina!! never seen a farm, that is an awesome picture!

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