we are young

yep we are teenagers.  we sat in a theatre last night (midnight) with our goodies stashed in my purse (don’t tell anyone) and waited for the final batman movie to start.  let me just start by saying there is something about christian bale that gets me.  he is dark and handsome mm hmm but i hear he is kinda a jerk so i guess he is just ok??  but joseph gordon-levitt is in this movie and in celebrity world i would marry him.  now i love my hubby dearly, and i think he is so handsome (even more than levitt, but every girl has a celeb crus:) the truth comes out… anyhow, i stayed awake! miracle because if you know me you know that i fall asleep as soon as the clock strikes 11. it musta been mr, levitt that kept me going:) or maybe the goodies.

speaking of goodies.  lets be honest, i love them.  and lately i have given myself a super hard time letting myself have a few.  so going back with my chill pill july goals, im going to try better to relax and enjoy my body rather than fight it:)

this movie was the best i have seen all year. twists and turns the ENTIRE movie.

so go see these two cuties, you wont regret it:)


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