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happy saturday all!

welp its been a crazy two weeks so i think it’s time for one of these posts again.

silly life lessons from me:

  1. tomatoes are hard to avoid.  i hate avoiding them
  2. i also love eggs.  but doc says i can’t have them.  i resisted the urge to punch him.  oh and oatmeal is out too.  double punch
  3. starting reading some fashion blogs.  they’re cute.  i’m not.  i live in lulu and baggy sweaters.  sorry babe
  4. cruise is fast approaching and i dont own a pair of shorts.  where am i going to find shorts in january?!
  5. better yet…when was the last time i put on a swim suit?
  6. i have had 3 people ask me if i am a minor.  really?
  7. maybe they have a point because my hair is in top knots and as for makeup, mascara is as far as it gets
  8. i’m going to miss my hubby when he moves
  9. i always state this one but i really love hulu.  i fell like phil dunmphy and i are close friends
  10. how do you spell dunmphy?
  11. the doctors don’t budge no matter how much you beg for a lara bar
  12. thankfully kombucha is still in the mix
  13. carson won’t kiss me after drinking kombucha.  apparently i smell like i got trashed.  thanks probiotics
  14. sytycd season 10 auditions were announced and i got excited
  15. then i remembered that was a bad idea since im basically geriatric ginny over here
  16. i hope Minnesota has good food.  i sometimes like to call my self a foodie
  17. made a goal to hit all of the provo eats that i want to before carson moves!
  18. so far we haven’t checked any of the list…..eating out every night next week??
  19. remmie is the best pup there is:)
  20. this nasty sore throat and cough could not come at a worse time.  showcasing a dancewear line with a raspy voice is sexy

well ladies and gents, that’s it for now:) lucky for me i have a darling sister who is spur of the moment and decided to try a new provo restaurant that was to die for:) she saved us from a boring friday night! if you are a utahn, you must go check out OLD TOWNE GRILL in provo.  TO DIE FOR.  and it was even easy for me to find something i could eat being on all of these restrictions!

so go check it out!


jessie ann

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