spoonful of bittersweet

well its that time folks.  time to update you all on the james family life situation.  that sounds really dramatic but believe me its not!

so as i’m sure some of you have seen on facebook and instagram, my darling hubby has landed a sweet job with 3M in Minnesota and he starts february 4th! we visited a few weekends back to find an apartment and we lucked out in finding a great place to live! I will be totally honest tho… when he first mentioned MN as a possible location, i burst into tears because i had no previous knowledge about MN and all i could think of was the cold.  lucky the lord slowly worked on me and helped me see that Minneapolis is a huge hub for art and is a big city! unfortunately we can’t live downtown due to Carson’s commute but we are just outside of the city and in a great area.  i am hoping there is a lot out there for me as a dancer and i am looking forward to exploring our new home!

the one downside to all of this excitement is that we will yet again be living apart.  i have decided to stay with my Center Stage company kids till we finish out the season at nationals in july.  i have invested so much in these kids and they have invested so much in me i couldn’t leave them high and dry in the middle of the season.  i have grow to love these kids and have enjoyed growing as a teacher as well as choreographer.   they have pushed me into what hopefully becomes a successful career as a choreographer   its so rewarding  work with incredible talent and see your choreography come to life.  it’s truly been a blessing in my life.

so it will be tough i’m sure, but carson and i have booked my flights to visit and hopefully we will be too busy to be lonely.  i’ve given remmie strick instructions to keep and eye on him and it’s too bad remmie can’t cook because i sure hope carson eats while i’m not around! anyway, i am so proud of you carson and i can’t wait for this new chapter of our lives to start!



jessie ann

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  • Megan Harmer
    January 23, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    Hey girl, I wish you and your husband the best of luck! I used to live in Minnesota, just 20 min from the twin cities. It is an absolutely wonderful place! The people are so friendly, the summers and even the winters are gorgeous!

    Hope all is well.


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