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7 Day ab challenge

Yep I said it.  Ab challenge.  We all have that trouble area that we can’t fix and I have been doing my best to make my abs in the kitchen but I want that 6 pack! I gathered all the exercises from pinterest and made it my own:) So here it is so you can do it with me!

7 Day Ab Challenge

(Do each move for one minute each)

  • Leg Lifts (place your palms under your lower spine and lay back onto your elbows so your shoulders are off the ground.  Lift legs slowly and keep abs contracted)

  • Scissor Kicks (keeping body in same positon lift legs off floor and scissor kick them crossing legs)

  • Swim Kicks (keeping body in same position switch legs back in forth like swimming:)

  • Reverse leg lifts (grab a hold of a table or chair behind you and lay flat on the ground.  Lift legs up and past head to touch chair/table and back to the floor

  • Plank. (my favorite! hold core to spine and keep neck and spine long)

  • 25 pushups

Repeat as many times as your abs can stand it!

I’m off to get er done!


Jessie ann




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