NYC Adventure

Welp if any of you follow me on insta you would know that I had a fabulous adventure in NYC.  All thanks to my fabulous older brother Dallin (technically bro-in-law) who let me take over his apartment for a few days! I went out for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Dance Ensamble audition, which was hilarious and fun all at the same time, and took advantage of the city! I didn’t do anything too touristy but I did make sure to stand in the very spot I said “yes” to Carson over two years ago. As I stood there all I could think about was how life has changed since then and how quickly time has passed.  Its been over two years….woah!

Dallin lives in Brooklyn so I decided to act like a local and explore Williamsburg a bit.  I wandered into the flea market by the river and darling streets filled with “hipster” boutiques and organic restaurants.  My kinda area:)  I think I am a little high maintenance because I love that! Juice bars, organic food, and the vegan/gluten free craze:)   Call me crazy but we all have our own vices. I did make it a point to visit my favorite Vegan, Gluten Free, and Organic bakery for a cookie sandwich! I inhaled it in under 5 min.  I took the subway into the city to find it but man was it worth it.  They sell a cook book but there is no way I would be able to get it to taste as good as they do! I know babycakes is old news but it’s one of my favorites:)


The city reminded me of how much I love city life.  I love walking to and from everything and love the amount of people! sounds crazy but I am no farm girl:)  Carson isnt as in love with NYC as I am so maybe some day I will convert him.  We can live in a cute NYC apt with cute NYC things and a kitchen filled with NYC goodies.  Hopefully I can find some city love in Minneapolis and discover my new favorite spots:) Until then, I’ll settle for my quick trip to NYC and dream of more baby cakes:)


Jessie Ann

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  • Gentri
    May 10, 2013 at 6:17 am

    When do you find out if you made it?! That’d be awesome! 😀
    What a fun trip! I haven’t been since high school.


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