coming to an end…

wow I can’t believe that my journey with center stage is coming to an end.  when carson moved to Minnesota I thought that this would never come quick enough but now I am heart broken to leave my kids.  luckily I still get to kick their butts at boot camp this week and then off to nationals.  The final showcase was a huge success this past weekend and I loved having so many people there supporting! I really wish Carson could have seen it all but what do ya do…

I leave July 4th for NYC then straight to Vegas and then straight to Minnesota. It’s going to happen all so fast and there are a few things I must do before I leave which may mean quiting my whole30 a little early:)

^visit tortilla bar, cafe rio, pizzeria 712, and of course Cubbys

^go on a hike.  sadly MN has no mountains

^spend as much time with the nieces and nephews as I can

^enjoy my center family while I can

new adventures can be scary but I am really excited to join my husband in our new life.  I know he is lonely and I can imagine he is bored out of his mind:)

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