you know your a dancer when…

once upon a time I was a dancer.  well kinda still am just more of a teaher/ choreographer these days but old habits seem to die hard…

^^bending over to grab a boppy pin turns into a full on ponche’

^^your closet consits of more items to sweat in then items to look cute in

^^your binge shopping is for leggings instead of jeans

^^shavasana at the end of yoga turns into a mental choreography sesh instead of relaxation

^^driving is even better.  each song on the radio turns into a full on competition number with turn sections and leg holds all before even getting to work.

^^your feet are scarred and caliced.  flip flops are no longer an option.

^^sitting in church is hard.  moving is essential for us crazies

^^the only makeup I know how do to is full stage.  eyelashes, red lips, and all its glory

^^your husband will request a king bed so you have space to move and stretch all night long or he ends up with bruises.

^^suddenly a week off is too much to handle.  what do I do with all my free time?

^^require a wood floor in your future home for ultimate turn competitions and choreo sessions.

^^T.V. works as an optimal mirror when you don’t have one.

^^ the only hairstyle you rock is the sweaty bun.

^^when celine dion speaks to your soul.

^^staying up late to watch other dancers on youtube and wishing that was you.

^^you sew your pointe shoes with floss. it’s a little secret:)

^^your slightly terrifed and humilited when off count.  that will never happen again:)

I could honestly go on and on and on but looking back I love this lifestyle.  I am so glad I grew up as a dancer and contiue to grow in it.  I would not be the attention loveing, stage needing, sweat wearing girl I am today without it.  So cheers to hopefully another long run in this crazy buisness.


Jessie Ann


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