see ya later utah

oh boy where do I start. maybe i’ll start by saying that it hasnt really hit me that I am no longer a utahn. I feel like I am on vacay visiting carson and hopefully it will feel a little more real soon.  I can’t stop sleeping.  6 months of bottled up stress, anxiety, joy, all if it, and then it just comes to an end! I am still recovring from it all and looking back I already miss my family of dancers.  I will say that its fantastic eating dinner with carson, cuddling remmie, scooping his poop, and even washing the dishes.  It is great to be a housewife for a bit.  Remmie is sound alseep next time me while we wait for carson to get home and I can’t stop rubbing his little belly.  Yes I am being totally lazy ( i did teach the other day and hit the treadmill) but I am so used to my crazy schedule that I don’t know what to do with my self.  I’ve gotten ready the last few days.  Shocker…I know and i’ve watched everything on hulu.  I have been avoiding writing this post because it makes me sad.  simple as that.  as much as I am so happy to be here and cherishing every second with my family, I do miss studio 5 at center stage, kick ball workouts, handing out burpees as punishment for being late, and watching my girls dance.  I don’t have kids, but it did feel like I had 30 teenagers to take care of.  Difficult task at first but they grew to love me and I to love them.  Nationals in NYC and Vegas went by way to fast and that’s the best part.  Those are the moments you get to see the kids shine, learn from the best, and look forward to the upcoming season.  So bittersweet.  I am going to have to do my best at not interjecting in their lives and let their new director gain relationships with them! Thankfully my lil sis is still invloved so I’ll hear the downlow from her.


Although I was sad to leave them behind, I am looking forward to the future and what that brings for my family.  I think we will be in minnetonka for a bit and that gives me some room to set some career roots here.  the goal is to teach at a few studios, travel, find a way to keep dancing, and enjoy being married.  right now it’s all up in the air but im crossing my fingers and toes that it will all work out.  thankfully I have the best husband around and he is just as excited as I am for this new path we are on.  I have these huge aspirations and sometimes I think it’s silly to wish for them but why not? I may fall flat on my face but I guess im ok with a little dirt in my eye;)

Minesotta is just gorgeous, filled with bugs, but still gorgeous.  We love our ward and the people here are really nice.  I think they’re is a saying “minesotta nice” and it totally makes sense now.  We live in a pretty metro area and I have all my favorite things close by.  Lots of good studios here.  Carson is loving 3M which I am so grateufl for and i think 3M is loving him as well! I wish he didn’t have to go to work everyday but that’s technically why we are here.  Wouldn’t it be great if a month vacay to the bahamas was on the table and we could just go? I wish.  I love work but sometimes it would be nice if nobody had to go:) Then the world would fall apart but it’s nice to dream for a second! Anyhoo…thankfully my cute friend is getting married in august so i’ll be back in the 801 to visit and get some choreo work done.  So I guess I can’t technically say an official goodbye maybe just a solid see ya later..


Jessie Ann

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