my new found love for running

Surprised by that title? so am I! I have never ever ever liked running and I envy every runner I know who talks about the runners high and it being a way to clear their heads.  I always laughed when I heard that because there is no clarity in running for me….until now.

I took running up right before I left for NYC as a way to shed a few pounds after being cleared to work out again.  Before the doc told me I had to stop working out for a few months I was in a good groove.  remember crossift? Well since I got cleared about two months ago its been tough for me to get into a routine. Now I am not saying that the first time my feet hit the pavement I was in love.  I still hated every second and counted down the minutes till I was done but each run got a little better and a little easier.  I had forgetten how much I missed a good sweat.  Sounds disgusting but I love being wet after a workout.  I rarely feel that way until I started running. don’t get the idea I am running 10 miles a day.  heavens no. just 3-5 miles until I get the hang of it and can run 5 a day. Right now I am just on the treadmill which Carson says is the worst but a treadmill keeps me on a faster pace and I don’t get as disracted as I would outside.  But I would like to get outside once I get the hang of this and just run. Maybe then I would find that runners high and clarity ha!

don’t judge the pace or my nasty, sweaty, red faced appearance.  or maybe the slicked bun on my head :).  I’m slowly but surely getting faster and I have the shortest legs known to man.  so I’ll get there:)  I have a huge amount of respect for all you runners out there who have been doing this forever! and even more respect for those of you that run marathons and train like crazy.  I’m giving you two thumbs up.

all in all it feels so good to sweat and feel like I am accomplishing something at the same time.  I don’t mind shedding a few pounds in the process:) Watch out world you may have a little runner on your hands!


Jessie Ann





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